The Revolt and Taming of the ‘Ignorant’

Jan 27, 14

The Revolt and Taming of the ‘Ignorant’

David Adams

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This is the story of a revolt in 1835 against the introduction of the new Poor Law. The riot involved between 200 and 8oo people from three small villages in Norfolk and there was arson and grievous bodily harm to be answered for in court. Exhaustive research and analysis provides a moving account of what happened after the event

It is also  contains the results of detailed research into the lives of those involved, both labourers and gentry, their income, living conditions and education. Although based on events in one small area of Norfolk, this is an archetypal account of an agrarian riot. It follows the participants through their court appearance and punishment and their later dealings with the new workhouse at Docking.

Much good information for family historians.

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