Short Straw

Sep 25, 13

Short Straw

by Jennifer Anne Bell

The biography of Francis de Witt Bell, younger brother of Adrian Bell. When Adrian was given a farm in Suffolk, Francis was given a one-way ticket to South America. He spent seven years in Argentina working on an experimental wheat farm,  gruelling work in very hard conditions. During these years he kept a fascinating diary which was only lately read and enjoyed by his son and daughter-in-law, Jenny Bell. They form the basis for the book, but it is also a family saga with many twists and turns.  When he returned to England, he became manager of Justin Brooke’s fruit farm at Wickhambrook, a pioneering adventure in marketing. Again he kept diaries.

Francis was the uncle of Martin Bell who describes him as ‘raffish, gregarious and much travelled’, ‘my favourite uncle’.

ISBN 978 1 904006 68 8

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