OXNEAD 1654-56

Feb 21, 15



Accounts of Oxnead Hall, home of Sir William Paston

Edited and analysed by David Yaxley

The hero of this book is Sir William’s steward, Bernard Dickinson, who kept these meticulous accounts of domestic and estate income and expenditure in these difficult  years during the rule of Oliver Cromwell.

Sir William himself was often absent for up to nine months of the year, first in exile in Holland, then  after coming to terms with the Parliamentarians, either in London or on the continent searching for artistic treasures. He was ‘neither a fighter nor a political man. Nevertheless he took good care of his estates.

The author’s exhaustive analysis of these accounts presents us with a wonderful picture of life in a wealthy household and of its connections with the surrounding villages.

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ISBN 978 1 904006 72 5

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