Mustard, Boots and Beer

Aug 25, 14

Mustard, Boots and Beer

The inside stories of eight Norfolk businessmen in the 19th century

by Christopher Armstrong

There is nothing new about entrepreneurial ambition, so much in the news today. It certainly characterised nineteenth century Norfolk and Norwich, when men such as  Sir Robert Harvey (of Crown Bank), Thomas Bignold founder of Norwich Union, John Jarrold (Publisher, Printer and Retailer), Sir George White ( shoe-manufacturer), J.J.Colman ( Mustard and starch manufacturer), A.J.Caley (Maker of chocolate and mineral water), Sir S. Morton Peto (the railway builder) and John Patteson (brewer), were in their prime. This book contains lively, entertaining and fair-minded biographies of these men.

ISBN 978 1 904006 73 2

£10.00 plus £1.60 postage

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