MEM a biography of Mary E. Mann

Sep 12, 13

Mary Elizabeth Rackham was born in Norwich and brought up in a relatively wealthy family, well-educated and responsive to the cultural life of Norwich. In 1872 she married Fairman Mann, a farmer from Shropham.  Life in Shropham village contrasted starkly with her life in Norwich and she came to think of Shropham as ‘Dulditch’. Farming became progressively less profitable during the 1870s and Mary turned to writing to dispel boredom and to add to the family income, but she was a natural writer and became popular, pouring out novels and short stories right up to her last years.

A.S.Byatt says she ‘deserves to be much more widely read. She has a sharp eye for detail, and a wonderfully concise vision of human affairs.’

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ISBN 978 1 904006 69 5

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