A Portrait of Walter Dexter, an enigmatic man

Sep 24, 14

A Portrait of Walter Dexter by Charlotte Paton

Much has been said in praise of the work of the King’s Lynn artist, Walter Dexter (1876-1958). His work was meticulous, varied, accurate, sensitive to the effects of light and the weather, expressive of his great love of old buildings, especially those of King’s Lynn….His paintings are treasured and kept by his many admirers; few come on the market, but somehow he has never become a household name like Munnings or Seago. Why? This is the question that has exercised Charlotte and led her to undertake exhaustive research into the life of this enigmatic man. At least some of the answers are to be found in this book.

Illustrated in colour throughout, with many pictures not normally available to be seen by the general public.

ISBN 978 1 904006 75 6

Price £12.00 plus £1.50 postage

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