There are three maps in this section, two of Norfolk and one of Suffolk. These are the earliest maps of the two counties made by proper surveying methods and covering the whole of each county. They are made in book form A4 size, the Norfolk maps landscape format and the Suffolk map portrait style. Each map has a scholarly introduction.

Here are two really useful and inexpensive little books which incorporate the conclusions of several scholars relating to the place-name origins of the villages of Norfolk and Suffolk. The name as recorded in Domesday Book is given wherever appropriate.

We have published two truly original and specifically Norfolk cookbooks. One is by the late Mary Norwak, a cookery writer of national fame, who lived much of her life in Norfolk. She collected (and sometimes ‘rescued’) recipes of Norfolk cooking dating back over 300 years and recorded them in this charming little book East Anglian Recipes. David Stannard of Eccles is a lover of good cuisine, a mine of information about fish and fisheries, and an enthusiast for catching and cooking your own fish; he has recorded his favourite recipes in Fishing up the Moon.

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